At Fort Healthcare we believe in optimising your body so that you can be the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. We understand that physical ailments, such as pain and weakness, will not only limit you physically but also in many aspects of your life. At Fort Healthcare, we advise, treat, rehabilitate, educate and motivate to help you achieve your goals.

Fort Healthcare was established in 2013 by two chiropractors Peter and Zane. They identified a market for patients that needed lengthy treatment and management that focused on not only short term results but long term benefits. They believed in having an open minded approach combining multiple techniques such as chiropractic, soft tissue massage, Chinese influenced massage techniques and rehabilitation/prehabilitation exercises.

Fort Healthcare began to expand to other areas in early 2014 to allow more people to access this successful brand of healthcare. New physiotherapy and remedial massage staff with similar treatment philosophies were brought on board to strengthen our treatment team

Our physiotherapy staff prides themselves on their manual therapy skills, avoiding the use of machines. They are focused on lengthy individual treatment that includes manual therapy, exercise advice and more importantly how to apply these exercises into day to day life.

Fort Healthcare continues to branch further into the allied health industry adding dietitians, exercise physiologists, podiatrists and speech pathologists.

Fort Healthcare currently has practices in Castle Hill, Town hall, Hurstville, Burwood, Campsie and Chatswood.