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About Fort Healthcare Dietitians

We have six clinics located in Castle Hill, Chatswood, Hurstville, Rhodes, Burwood and Sydney CBD.

We ensure you receive the most up to date information in food and nutrition. Dietary requirements can change depending on age, gender, nationality, financial circumstances, activity levels and health conditions. We will translate the latest scientific research about food and nutrition and apply it to an individual. They will help you to achieve health goals by dispensing practical advice that is achievable and tailored to the individual.

An Accredited Practising Dietitian is a national credential certified by the Dietitians Association of Australia. They can help with:
  • Grow old gracefully
  • Having a healthy baby
  • Prevent or recover from illness
  • Lose or gain weight
  • More energy
  • Lose or gain weight

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The information and help a professional dietitian can provide are invaluable. There are a number of benefits you can enjoy by consulting a dietitian at Fort Healthcare.

You get accurate information

Since there have been major changes in the way the food is processed, grown, served, marketed, and cooked, there has been a lot of confusion regarding what is healthy and what isn’t. As a result, the way we choose the food, as well as how we eat it has become more complicated. Similarly, the internet is also full of articles about diets and the foods we should eat; however, a lot of it is written by unqualified individuals. This is where a professional dietitian comes in handy for designing a customised plan that benefits your body. Fort Healthcare dietitians are familiar with food interactions, allergies, ingredients, food groups, labels, serving sizes, nutrients, and calories so that you only eat what benefits you.

Enjoy a customised plan with a specific goal in mind

Since each individual is absolutely unique, there is no such nutrition plan that can work for all. One’s nutritional requirements depend on several factors including gender, weight, height, and age. Similarly, other factors such as present health conditions, family history, physical activities, and special needs also need to be taken into consideration. By keeping all of these factors are in mind, Fort Healthcare dietitians make a personalized diet plan that is according to your goal and needs.

Help work around problems

Apart from the physical aspects, dietitians also keep in mind the emotional and personal needs of an individual. For instance, if you think that incorporating healthy eating into your lifestyle is almost impossible due to certain problems, then a dietitian can help you find solutions to overcome them. Moreover, you can also get resources along with tips and tricks that can help you along the way.

Emotional support

Dietitians not only provide advice and nutritional information, but they also give accountability, support, and motivation to the clients. Eating is considered to be quite personal and in some cases, needs behavior change. In such cases, having a resourceful and trustworthy professional around can help you adjust to the changes and support you while you work towards achieving your goals.

How can Fort Healthcare help?

  • Experienced health practitioners : Fort Healthcare practitioners are experienced in a number of health disciplines, enabling them to solve a variety of problems.
  • Experienced with weight loss programs : Our dietitians are aware of how important it is to be healthy, which is why they can help to lose weight and achieve your desired target.
  • Health recovery : With a personalised plan, our dietitians can help you recover from sickness and be healthy again.
  • Pregnancy care : Certain foods are to be avoided during pregnancy to make the process smoother. Our dietitians can guide you along the way, making sure your baby stays healthy.