Remedial Massage Sydney

Deep Tissue Massage

What is deep tissue/sports massage? How are they different from other massage types?

In remedial massage therapy, numerous therapy techniques are used for treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries. These techniques are also used for addressing posture problems and improve endurance, flexibility, and recovery such that the athlete’s performance is improved.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Enhance function
  • Aid in healing
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Release tension/stress
  • Promote relaxation and well-being

Fort Healthcare includes massage therapy in most chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions as it complements the effects of the treatment well. Fort Healthcare can also provide a specialised massage service for pain relief or relaxation if required.
At Fort Healthcare we have highly experienced and accredited massage therapists who are trained in Remedial, Chinese, Acupressure and Reflexology Massage.

What are the benefits of remedial massage for sport

Of course, relaxation massages are ideal for winding down; however, remedial massages have their own benefits. Remedial massages, in fact, have a more in-depth approach, therefore, making them more appropriate for chronic issues that have been present for a while. They can effectively reduce or, in some cases, completely eliminate the pain and discomfort that come with troubling problems. Athletes, office goers, and pregnant women, all can benefit greatly from remedial massages.

Remedial massages can help athletes in a number of ways. They can help to not only prevent an injury but also help to manage a recurrent injury too. A remedial massage reduces spasms or cramps and relaxes muscles that have been overused or injured. Moreover, it also prevents tension and muscular restrictions which, in turn, improves the range of motion. A remedial massage can also speed up the recovery process after training or after a competition. Thus, it is also quite useful for those who compete professionally.

Remedial massage can also be used to prepare for competitions. In fact, it can be highly beneficial when it is tailored according to the training and competition program of a person. Most sportsmen that come to Fort Healthcare clinics come in for a pre-event massage and a post-event massage. So, whether you are planning to run a marathon or you have taken part in a tough competition, you can improve your performance with a massage. The circulation of blood is increased which in turn prepares the muscles for the event. With a massage, you can also get rid of the last-minute tensions so that you are completely prepared!