#tips4life Do you know how to stand?

Welcome to – #tips4life the Fort Healthcare lifestyle health blog. Through our experiences treating at our clinics, we often come across similar injuries and health issues. The #tips4life blog aims to practically address these problems. We always welcome suggestions on topics you may want us to tackle. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or visit us at back on how many times in your life you have heard someone say the words “Stand up straight!”, whether it be from your parents, relatives, teachers or even yourself to your children. But what does this actually mean?

Has anyone ever taught you how to stand?

A common misconception with standing straight is that every joint in our body has to be locked into a straight line. Not only does this take a great amount of muscular endurance to continuously hold this posture but it does not even allow our body to transfer stress into our legs and feet. Standing too straight or too slouched can lead to a variety of problems such as:

  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • headaches
  • sore knees
  • heel pain


In this video, Zane will teach us how to stand correctly and how to maintain a good posture. By standing correctly, the amount of stress placed on the body can be reduced and our body can be utilised more effectively. The younger we learn this the better but it is never too late to improve our posture!