Physiotherapists Sydney


What are some different types of physiotherapy treatments

Physiotherapy is a clinical health science and profession that aims to assess, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate individuals from musculoskeletal injury or conditions.

A physiotherapist’s primary focus is to ensure patients achieve their health goals and enhance recovery to optimum efficiency. Physiotherapists can help with movement disorders which may be acquired through work, accidents, present from birth, or as the results of ageing. This therapy is suited for people of all age groups and demographics ranging from office workers, blue collar workers, the elderly, to amateur and professional athletes, regardless of their activity levels.

What are the types of intervention used?

Physiotherapy treatment includes a range of passive and active strategies. Some of the treatment strategies include:

  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation to improve stiffness and pain
  • Exercise prescription to ensure long term management of condition and prevent future injuries
  • Muscle re-education to regain control
  • Taping for pain relief and provide more stability in joints
  • Electrical stimulation therapy (eg. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation-TENS)
  • Assistance with use of aids, wheelchair, splints, crutches etc.
  • Workplace assistance like education and advice on workstation set up, lifting techniques

What can Physiotherapists help with?

At Fort Healthcare our physiotherapists can help you to:

  • Promote long term recovery to improve quality of your life
  • Treat any underlying problems causing pain or dysfunction
  • Recover from surgery, childbirth or periods of inactivity
  • Education about daily activities to limit pain or discomfort regarding issues such as posture, correct lifting techniques, injury prevention
  • Correct faulty biomechanics and restore your strength and function
  • Tailored exercise programs to allow for peak performance

What to expect with
Fort Healthcare Pysiotherapy?

In your first appointment, the physiotherapist will ask about your current ailments and any past history of injuries or medical conditions. They will do an assessment which includes a few tests to understand the cause of your current condition and to see any deficits in movement and function. Your session will include hands on treatment and an exercise program.

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